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Hosepipe Ban Update

An update on how the Hosepipe Ban will affect our services:

Many clients have been asking about how the hosepipe ban will affect our services. We have been in contact with Southern Water (Water for Life) directly to confirm how the changes in rules affect our services.

💦 We bring purified water in the van for most of our services. The pure water is always used frugally, as it is expensive to purchase. This means for Window cleaning, conservatory cleaning and fascia cleaning services, we do not use a hosepipe.

💦 For Patio and Driveway cleaning we do need to use a water source from the property. We have specifically asked Southern Water how using a domestic water supply would be affected by the rules. They have confirmed this would be okay as it is "Business use".

💦 This means all of our services will continue as normal including Window Cleaning, Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning and more. If you are interested in a quote, please feel free to ask, Thanks, Dom From Glide 😃👍

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