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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions our regular clients ask:


What do we need from you? What is safe access?

The only thing we need is safe access. This means:


  • Ensure any locked gates are left unlocked for access,

  • Pick up dog poo from the areas we need to walk,

  • Let us know if there is any major external building work going on at the property,

  • Make sure you save our contact details as a contact so we can contact you without our messages going into a junk folder.

Do you clean in the rain?


It rains 1 in 3 days in Britain, so to ensure a reliable service for all clients, it may be that we visit on a day forecasted for rain. The pure water cleaning system we use still works in the rain as we do not need to dry the windows. We even offer a 7-day-rainy-day guarantee for complete peace of mind. For more information please visit

Why are my windows wet? 

They have been cleaned with purified water which is left to dry naturally. Please click the link for more info

My windows still look dirty after being cleaned, what can you do?


Please contact us directly asap. We offer a 7-day guarantee so we can return to rectify any issues. It may be the case that the mark is on the inside of the window or even in between the pains. It might be a mark that is not water-soluble and therefore will need some extra attention to get cleaned so please feel free to contact us.  


I am away and can't open the gate before you come, what should I do?

Normally, when a client is away we just visit for the front windows and discount the price. To receive a discounted price you must let us know before we start the journey to your property, as we will need to adjust our schedules accordingly.

It is unlikely that we will be able to delay a visit by a few days or weeks as our schedule is very busy but feel free to ask.



What happens if I leave my garden gate locked and you come and can't get in the garden?

If in the event we arrive at a property and the gate is locked and no one is able to answer the door we will clean all the windows we can safely access and leave the ones we can not safely access. The full price will be charged unless the client contacts us before we start the journey to their property.

If you forget to unlock a gate, just let us know before we start a drive to the property. This will enable us to adjust our schedules and give you a discount for the windows we cannot get to.



Do I have to be at home?

Normally, you do not need to be at home for a regular window clean, as long as we can safely gain access to all the windows by leaving any locked gates unlocked.
Only if we need to come through the house to access the windows does a client need to be at home



How often do you visit?

When we quote a price we agree a schedule. Normally one of every 4, or 6 or 8 or 12 weekly intervals, depending on what schedules are available in your area. If you would like to know how often we visit your property or to enquire about changing your schedule, just drop us a message.



Can I skip a visit?

It is really important that we stick to the agreed schedule as best we can. If you would like to skip to save money or because the windows don't seem dirty then please contact us, it might be best to change to a better schedule for you.
If a client is away and unable to provide access by unlocking a gate normally we will just visit to clean the front windows at a reduced rate.
There may be occasions where a skip if needed, such as if there is major building works at the property. Please note, the regular price is based on your schedule. If we change that schedule by skipping a clean, the cost of the next visit may be higher (10-50% higher). This will be because the windows will have more dirt and therefore will cost more to clean. The price will return to normal when the normal schedule is kept.


My windows don't look dirty, can I skip a visit?


The whole point of the regular cleaning schedule is to keep the windows clean. By cleaning the windows when they are relatively clean we can keep your windows clean and offer a regular cleaning discount. 


If you would prefer to change your schedule to be cleaned more or less often, please contact us.



How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime. Just let us know via text or email. You are then welcome to contact us to schedule a one-off or regular visit in the future.

Please note, 24 hours notice is needed to cancel.



Do you let me know you are coming or do you just turn up?

We always contact a client to let them know we are coming. We contact clients via SMS (texts), WhatsApp and email so please ensure our contact details are saved as a contact on your device so our messages don't end up in your spam folder.



Do you knock the door when you visit?

We know many customers are working from home so we won't knock the door when we arrive. If you would like us to knock the door first, just let us know.



How do I pay?

We accept Bank transfers, card payments, direct debits and cheques. Details will be on your invoice



Do you take cash?

We are a cashless business. Please pay by one of the other methods we offer.


Why didn't I receive an invoice to my email?


This is likley because it went to your spam/junk folder. Please ensure the following email address is saved as a contact on your account:



How long do I have to pay?

Domestic clients normally have 7 days to pay. Commercial clients have longer payment terms. If you need longer to pay, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements.

If payment hasn't been completed after 3 reminders, a written letter will be posted. 21 days after the posting of the letter, a late payment fee will be added.


Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for regular cleaning (included in your quote), referrals and combining on multiple services on the same visit. for more information please contact us.

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