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Can Windows Be Cleaned In The Rain?

  • In Britain, it rains on 1 in 3 days on average. Therefore to maintain a reliable service, there will likley be days we visit where it might rain?

  • If we do rearrange, due to weather, that is for our benefit, not the windows. Heres why:

Our System Works in Rain

  • Our pure water system still works in the rain as we do not need to dry the windows

  • We our so confident it works, that we offer a 7 Day Rainy Day Garantuee for complete peace of mind

But Rain Makes My Windows Dirty?

  • Rain water is naturally distilled by the weather cycle so it is often pure water or close to pure

  • If rain falls on dirty windows, it mixes with the dirt, then dries leaving water marks

  • If rain falls on clean windows it evaporates off leaving a clean window

  • Skipping cleans, even in wet weather, will lead to dirty windows. 

  • A regular maintainence clean is the only way to keep your windows clean.

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