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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Here at Glide, we are experts of all aspects of window cleaning. Internal, external, comercial, domestic, regular and one offs.

Some customers may be sceptical about having their windows cleaned with pure water instead of a squeegee and rag, but we often find that when they undertsand how it works, and see the results, even the most skeptical of customers prefer this method.

Our pure water systems are designed to give your windows the best quality care.

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Does Pure Water Work?

We are trained in the traditional methods of window cleaning, but we tend to use the pure water system. Here is why:

  • No streaks

  • Frames and sills included

  • More windows can be reached, such as veluxs

  • Safer, no falling from hight

  • No chemicals means your windows stay clean for longer

  • Limited use of ladders means less damage to your property and more privacy

How Does Pure Water Work?

Your windows are scrubbed and then rinsed clean with purified H2O. The water then evaporates straight off leaving no residue or streaks and perfectly clean windows.

The windows do not need to be dried with a squeege or rags as they dry peefectly. In summer months, the windows are dry often before the end of the job. In winter months it can take a couple of hours to dry. Please do not atempt to dry the windows yourself as it would ruin the streak free finish.

Did you know that with this method, windows can be cleaned in the rain. Why not visit the page, 'Can my windows be cleaned in the rain?"

Pure Water Window Cleaning
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