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Our Aim

Our aim is to never comprise quality for speed. We charge a affordable prices but always strive to give you the best clean possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Don't forget, discounts are available if you combine on services or if you get an adjoining neighbour to have the same service at the same time


We look various factors to determine how difficult a job is, if there are any extra costs involved, and how long the job will take, in order to give you an accurate and affordable quote.

We always strive to give you a fair and competitive price.

Sometimes we can give you a quote of the phone or by email, but sometimes it is best to visit the job to determine an accurate quote.

Go on, find out exactly how much it will cost and ask for your quote today!

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GDPR – Glide Cleaning Limited Privacy Notice 2018

In harmony with the new General data protection regulation please be aware of the following


  1. Glide Cleaning Limited stores data such as name, address and contact information and work schedule, pricing and payments, as provided by the customer or observed by Glide Cleaning Limited. This data will be stored securely on an encrypted cloud storage.

  2. Such data may be maintained for as long as legally required or deemed necessary by Glide Cleaning Limited even if the customer is no longer a customer

  3. Glide Cleaning Limited will not share this information with any third party without consent

  4. Glide cleaning Limited may contact the customer by phone, text email or post in relation to work done or proposed


At any time the customer may take the following reasonable action:


  1. Request to know what data is currently being held by Glide Cleaning Limited

  2. Request, in writing, for data to be deleted (the customer will no longer be able to receive services from Glide Cleaning limited)

  3. Complain to the ICO if I feel there is a problem with the way Glide Cleaning Limited is handling  data


Any questions please contact Glide Cleaning Limited at or 07460216374


“The guys were top draw, polite, clean, tidy. Worked really hard and produced an A1 finish. We are one very happy customer we would highly recommend. Thanks again Dom and his team.” - Aldridge Cars in Andover

“They are so good at what they do and how they go about it. Extremely professional and dedicated. A gold star company, wait if you have to, they are worth it.” - Customer in Winchester

“From first meeting with Dom and quote to start of work and finished, Dom and his company was excellent. I would recommend them without hesitation.” - Customer in Ludgershall

“We did not give Dom an easy day's work. Having been let down twice before by unreliable window cleaners, our windows (and there are many) were well overdue a clean. Dom was reliable, both to quote and to do the work, polite and thorough. Can't recommend him highly enough.” - Customer in Andover

Terms and Definitions and Prices

Below are some terms and definitions to explain exactly what is included in each service. Any questions s just ask us via email or phone.

Gutter Clearing -  From £45 - Gutter clearing includes the removing of debris (such as moss and leaves) from the inside of the gutters. It does not include the aesthetically cleaning of the gutters, unless requested at time of quote.
It does include the unclogging of the tops of the down pipe swan necks, where safely accessible. But it does not include the removal of a blocked downpipe from the wall. A charge of £25-50, will be charged to remove downpipe from wall, clear and re-assemble. Customer will be kept informed.
Gutter clearing does not include clearing of underground drainage. We will come back for free of charge and remove and debris included in the quote for us to 14 days after, after this a call out fee will be charged..

Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Cleaning- from £40- This includes the cleaning of the fascia boards, soffits, and the outside of the gutters including gable ends. It doesn't include clearing the inside of the gutters. It does not including cladding cleaning unless requested at time of quote.

Gutter Repairs -

  • Basic repair/call out fee- £30- basic repairs include reclining uPVC gutters back into place and testing for leaks.

  • Repair with parts- from £50- a repair where a new part is need. A 3 month warranty is given on this part.

  • Complex repair - from £70- such as installing a section of gutter. Estimates and quotes available.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning - from £50 - This service does not including the clearing of the conservatory gutters unless by request at time of quoting.


Patio and Driveway Pressure Washing- From £50 -  This service does not include re-grouting, or sealing for patios unless requested at time of quote. Bricked areas  and driveways will be re-sanded and the cost of this will be included in the quote.

Window Cleaning Prices

  • "Builders Clean"- from £25 - A full deep clean including scraping off paint, cement or sticker residue off windows. We will need to see an individual job to give a quote.

  • "One off clean" / "First Time Clean" - From £15 -  Maybe your moving out or just want your windows cleaned for a special occasion. Free quick quotes and estimates. Normally we charge around 10-75% extra of a regular clean price to a first clean, depending on various factors such as level of dirt, to cover costs lost such as extra time and water.

  • "Regular clean" - From £15 - Receive discounts for having your windows cleaned on either a 4,6,8 or 13 week schedule. Receive text reminders when you are due.


Window Cleaning- All regular and one off window cleaning is done by the reach and wash pure water method and therefore does not include and scraping or getting up ladders or wiping seals, sills or the like, unless included at the time of quoting. Traditional methods also available upon request at time of quoting.

Other Terms of Use

Gate Policy - It is the resposiblity of the customer to provide safe access on their property.  This means cleaning up animal poo, letting us know of any external buiding work and leaving a gate unlocked.. 

If a gate is left locked, the operative will atempt to unbolt it, but if the gate is padlocked the operative will be unable to reach all the property.

If the customer notifies us of limited access, in advance of our arrival, a discount will be given. (eg a text so say "sorry i forgot to unlock the gate")

If the operative cannot safley access all the windows, he will do all the windows that he can safley acess, but no discount will be given..

A customer must let us know of limited access before  our arriving at a job to receive a discount.

Customer Contracts - Customers are not on a contract and therefore can postpone or cancel their regular window cleaning at any point. If an internal greater than 13 weeks occurs, you may loose your regular discount and be liable to a "first clean charge".

Late Payments - Residential customers are expected to complete online or posting payment within 7 days. Unless by arrangement. Residential bills outstanding after 21 days from date of invoice, may be liable to a 30% late payment fee. Same after 49 days for commercial clients, unless by arrangement.

Emergency and Weekend bookings - Jobs needed to be completed within 48 hours of requesting a quote will be liable to a minimum £50 spend. Quotes given are for normal midweek workdays and therefore weekend and bank holiday bookings must be made by arrangement when quoting. Minimum £100 spend for a weekend call out.

Call out/late cancellation fee- Customers booked in or notified via verbal or written agreement (text or email) that have to be cancelled or part cancelled may be liable to a "call out charge", in the following circumstances, normally 50-100% of the agreed price.
Customer cancels within 24 hours of the appointment start time. Customer leaves gate locked and therefore property or part of property is inaccessible. Large amounts of uncleared animal faeces  resulting in equipment not being able to be used.

7 Day Rainy Day Guarantee - If the customer has any problems or concerns with the job, the customer can call us out to the job again and we will do what we can to rectify any issues and leave the customer 100% satisfied. This is not a money back guarantee, and therefore the agreed invoice still must be paid in full. Complaints made after 7 days from the jobs completion will not come under the guarantee and therefore a call out charge may be liable. The customer will be kept informed.

Quotation Expiry-  All quotes are valid for up to 2 months from the quotation date. If a booking is requested for after this time a new quote may be needed. (e.g. if the windows have got more dirty)

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