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Corronavirus Update 15-3-20

To all customers,

Glide Cleaning Limited is introducing measures to encourage self isolation and social distancing and also to protect staff and customers alike. The following measures will be in affect until march 31st, when they will be reviewed.

  1. All internal work is being prosponed. This includes internal window cleaning and domestic house cleaning.

  2. To encourage social distancing and to protect those self isolating, we will no longer be ringing any doorbells. We will do the job and post an invoice.

  3. Card fees paused - Glide Cleaning Limited will cover the cost card fees to encourage card payments over the phone and email.

  4. Card and cash payments will no longer be accepted at the door. Payments will still be able to be made by card over the phone/email, cash/cheque via post, bank transfer and direct debit.

  5. Any customer who needs to pause, skip or cancel a service due to financial reasons, may do so. But the service just be canceled before we arrive at the property, to avoid a call out charge.

We would like to thank all customers as we plan to do all we can to protect all our customers, a large proportion of whom are in high risk categories. Thank you for being a customer and we wish you all the best.

Updates will continue to be provided here at

Thank you

Dom and the team

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